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Why Devel@viv and You Are a Winning Combination

Devel@viv Studio was established in 2020 out of the growing need to move to digital for small, medium and large businesses looking to impact the economy and of course bite into a large and potential market share.
Our love and passion is to create for a variety of businesses around the world a serious and correct digital business image.
Our goal is to make your image attract the eyes of a lot of potential customers

Speed and Quality

Web design is made quick and easy thanks to the use of advanced and proven technology in our content management system.
All you have to do is concentrate on creating the messages you want to convey to your customers, the message and defining the style you want to present.
Our talented team will already take care of all the technical stuff

Hosting, Security & Domains

You can link your own domain to any package, even in the basic package.
In addition, we offer solutions for hosting, updates and security of the site at the highest level.

Multi Platform customization

Building a website in Devel@viv is fully adapted to various platforms, including tablets and mobiles.
A website with a responsive website design allows you to create an increased presence in the most important places.

Affordable prices

Contact us regarding your package offers along with our prices and discount packages, they are of great value to you when you choose to sign up for a longer period.


Devel@viv offers a wide range of services, At the highest level, and the most affordable prices!

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an important means of reaching a wide target audience and creating relationships with potential and existing clients through social platforms. We bring clients the ability to consult and build personalized strategies according to their business goals.
Services: management of social accounts, creation of impressive and important content, sponsored promotion, data analysis and development of marketing strategies for each social network.

Designing and building websites

The first detail that the user is exposed to on the website is its design and the website interface and the user experience within it.
We specialize in creating aesthetic, functional and navigation-friendly websites, with an emphasis on a good user experience.
Services: graphic design, web development, optimization for mobile devices, maintenance and management.

SEO organic promotion

Organic promotion in search engines like Google is a process in which we design and develop websites to conform to search engine policies and algorithms.
This ensures a good ranking in the organic search results.
Services: keyword research, technical and feature optimization of websites, creation of quality content and organic links.

Repair, upgrade and maintenance of existing websites

From fixing bugs and handling technical problems to implementing regular updates and security patches.
With our team of experts, clients can rest assured that their online presence is in safe hands, reducing downtime and improving the user experience.

Sponsored PPC promotion

Sponsored promotion is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines and other platforms.
This allows us to help you reach the desired target audience as quickly as possible and manage advertising effectively.
Services: management of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more, analysis of results and ongoing optimization.

Storage and cloud solutions

Comprehensive cloud solutions, allowing website owners to host, manage and extend their websites seamlessly in the cloud.
This service ensures optimal website performance, automatic backups and strong security features, all backed by expert support.
By leveraging the power of the cloud, customers can effortlessly handle traffic spikes, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of the number of visitors.